Learners can view their badges in their user profile page in the User menu

If the user clicks the badge it will then take then to a further page which gives them details as to which course/activity they completed and if there is any expiry dates

Users can also manage their badges via their badge preferences. To do this click on the user dropdown and select preferences

You will then be taken to the preferences screen (this is where the user can change notifications, messages and many more preferences)

Click on Manage badges this will bring up all the badges that the user has. They can view them, download them and you can perform a search across all badges.

Users can also decide if they want the badges to be displayed on their profile. To hide the badge they need to click on the 'eye' icon for that badge. Once it has been clicked (a line will appear through the eye) this will then hide the badge, if you want to show it again simply click on the 'eye' again (the line through it will be removed and it will then be visible)

Connecting to an external backpack

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