Independent plan

If all you want to do is for you and your team to create great looking training SCORM packages then this is the package for you.

What is the price?

£25 per month, per user plus VAT or

£250 per year, per user plus VAT (so you get 12 months for the price of 10)

Is there a storage limit?

Yes for the independent package the storage limit is 5GB

Is there a limit on active projects?

No you have unlimited active projects

What are the features of the independent subscription?

  • responsive content

  • basic theme editor

  • resource buckets

  • unlimited SCORM exports

  • team authoring

  • live chat and email support

  • online heal centre

With all our plans there is NO sign-up charge and you can change or cancel you plan at any time.

To select this plan simply click on the green button 'select this plan' in the manage subscription part of

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