Site administrators are able to amend the plugin settings.

To do this administrators will need to go into

site administration > plugins > activity modules > forum you can configure the site wide settings

See the list below with all the options of features you can amend

* don't forget to click SAVE changes once you have finished !

Display Mode

You have 4 display modes to choose from.

  • display replies flat with oldest first

  • display replies flat with newest first

  • display replies in threaded form

  • display replies in nested form

Short Post

Any posts under the length set in this section is considered short (this is characters not including HTML)

Long Post

Any post over the length set in this section is considered long (again this is characters and not including HTML)

Discussions Per Page

This is the maximum number of discussions shown in a forum per page

Maximum Attachment Size

Default maximum size for all forum attachments on the site (subject to course limits and other local settings)

Maximum Number of Attachments

Default number of attachments allowed per post

Read Tracking

There are 3 options for the read tracking setting

  • Optional: learners can turn off tracking on or off for the forum via a link Track/Don't track unread posts via their profile Forum tracking option.

  • Off: it is not possible to track unread forum posts

  • Forced: tracking is always on in this forum, regardless of user preference or setting. (this setting is only available when the Allow forced read tracking administrative setting is enabled

Track Unread Posts

Tick this option if you want to track read/unread for each user by default

Allow Forced Read Tracking

This allows forums to be set to forced read tracking. This will result in decreased performance for some users, especially on courses with many forums and posts. When this is off any forums previously set to Forced are treated as optional.

Read After Days

This is the number of days old any post is considered read

Manual Message Read Marking

If ticked the user must manually mark a post as read. Otherwise when the post is viewed it is marked as read.

Mark Old Post As Read Hour

The hour of the day to clean old posts from the read table

Hour To Send Digest Emails

People who choose to have emails sent in the digest form will be emailed daily. This setting controls which time of day the daily mail will be sent (the next cron that runs after this hour will send it)

Enable RSS Feeds

This enable the possibility of RSS feeds for all forums. You will however still need to run feeds on manually in the settings for each forum

RSS Feed Type

If RSS feeds are enabled set the default activity type

Number of RSS Recent Articles

If RSS feeds are enabled this sets the default number of articles (either discussions or posts)

Timed Posts

Tick if you want to allow setting of display periods when posting a new forum discussion.

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