one, two three buttons all work in the same way. Depending on how many buttons you want to add you simply just select on the drop down and that amount of buttons is added to the screen, in your info box.

For this example I have added three buttons using the drop down option in the component settings (on the right hand side), I will set one to change the screen to the previous page, one to the next screen and the other to take you to a website.

Click on button 1 this will then open the setting in your side bar.

Select the advanced setting

view: before click (you can change this is you want as only you will see this)

component completion status: I am selecting complete (but you have more options in your drop down)

transition & style are options for aesthetics

You then need to select the actions that you want that button to do.

when the learner does: I have selected click

this happens: I want to be able to move to the previous screen

select done

You now need to do the same process to button 2, the process is the same apart from the actions as you will want it to do a different action, I have selected for the button to move to the next screen

Button 3, I have decided to link this to a website - you may want to direct your student to a website for more information.

To do this, select button 3 and then in the drop down select hyperlink and then simply add the correct link you would like the student to be directed too.

What the video below to view the buttons

Remember to click save!

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