Simple setting

Here you can set the audio to three different setting:

Preventing skipping forwards - this prevents the student fast forwarding the audio

Auto Start - This automatically starts the audio when clicked

Loop - This makes the audio play on a loop

To set any of the above simply tick the box

You then have further functions called actions this allows you to tell your audio to do certain things upon various situations.

On Audio

This is where you can tell the audio that when it reaches one of the below states, it is then to do X, Y or Z


Once you have selected one of the above states you can then select what you would like to change the change components to. (so you that when the audio reaches a timestamp for example you can then change to another component on the page)

Completion Options

You are able to disable the audio component until another component has been completed. (for example you can state that the PDF attachment needs to be downloaded before the audio can be heard)

Visibility Options

Similar to completion options, using the Visibility option you are able to hide the audio component until another component has been completed.

Remember to SAVE your work!

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