1. Copy your flip card to duplicate as many times as you need

a) To copy, hold down CTRL on a PC and CMD on a mac, and drag your Group component into the next column. Release once positioned and the flip card will be duplicated. Duplicate the flip card as many times as you need.

b) For each flip card, add a sensible name e.g. Flip Card 1 Coffee, Flip Card 2 Carrots.... and so on.

c) Now, go into each image and change it to the image you would like to use. To change an image, click the folder icon in the settings panel.

d) Next, do the same for the text. Go into each text box and edit the text for this flip card. Tip: To change all the flip cards to text quickly, jump into learner view and click them, then go back to editor view to edit.

2. Edit the actions for each flip card

You will notice your actions have been copied across when you duplicated your flipcard, but they are not ready to go yet. They still relate to the first flip card you created, so we need to match them up to the new flip cards.

a) Open the settings for the image of your second flip card (the first copy you made).

b) Open the action which is already there.

c) Change 'Flip Card 1' to 'Flip Card 2' from the list

d) Add Select the 'text' view

e) Do this to all the other images, but select the correct component you want to change for each action and then select the text view.

f) Do the same for the text components (go into all the action, select the correct component from the drop down rather than just 'Flip Card 1'), except you will need to select 'image' view in the final drop down.

Test time! Go into learner view - you should now be able to click any image and it will change to the text, and then any text and it will change back to the image. If anything looks wrong at this stage, go back and check your action settings.

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