Once you have started building your project you can test your interactions at any stage.

To do this learner view will enable any interaction you have built. It is a good idea to click 'reset screen view' before you test your interactions, to make sure you start at the beginning of your interaction.

Will videos play in Learner view?

Yes, as you will see from the gif above, your videos will play in learner view, everything will happen entirely as if you are a learner.

Next Buttons and Hidden/Disabled components

As with your other interactions, in learner view any incomplete components will stop you from moving to the next screen, and any components you wish to hide or disable until the learner completes a task will also become live too. This is great for checking your dynamic content is working, but don't forget you've added these! If you are having trouble progressing your project in learner view and you don't think you should be, get in touch via instant chat and we will help you out.

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