For Columns

If you’ve made a mistake and you want to re-position your column, simply make sure your mouse is positioned on the blue line, click and drag the column to another available slot. If you want to get rid of the column completely, drag it back to the toolbar on the left (you will see a red trash icon appear here) and drop it in the bin!

If you have components in the column, you will get a pop-up to ask you if you are sure you want to delete the column and ‘all of its children’. This is just to check you know you are also deleting the components within this column, in case you didn’t mean to do this.

For Rows

The same applies to rows as columns, except you need to place your mouse outside of the blue line before you click and drag.

Remember – columns = click on the line, rows = click outside the line. However you want to remember it!

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