You have created your dashboard, but how do you manage it?

  • Select Site Administration - Appearance - Dashboards to view all dashboards.

  • Select Edit this will change the settings of existing dashboards.

  • Select Publish/Unpublish icon to change the dashboard visibility.

  • Select the Arrow icon to change the order of the dashboards. (when a user is assigned to more than one dashboard the one that is higher in the order will be displayed)

  • Select Clone dashboard icon to make a copy of the dashboard including the blocks that have been added and any audience assignments.

  • Select Reset dashboard for all users - this resets the selected dashboard to the original layout for all assigned users.

In order for users to edit dashboard blocks they will require the following capabilities.

Manage Dashboard - allows the user to manage the dashboard

Manage Dashboard blocks - allows the user to manage blocks on the dashboards

(users will also require the ability to configure system templates for My Learning Pages)

Customise your dashboard

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