*please remember that you can only load mp3 files and no larger than 50mb

Advanced setting

Advanced gives you additional functional options that you are able to set

Component completion status

These show the 3 states you are able to set once the audio has completed

Like the simple setting you can also prevent skipping forwards, auto start and loop, these are done by simply ticking the box next to the action you want

Add new view allows you add a new view, simply click on the button and a new view will appear. Once you have clicked the audio button will disappear (on your screen) and a new audio component will appear in it's place.

In the new view you have all the same settings as the default view, so you can select what you want this audio to do.

You may want to use the advanced setting to load various audio's if you wanted to ask questions and answers have a different audio to listen to for example.

You can add as many new views as you want to.

As with the simple view you have the same completion and visibility options to complete.

Remember to SAVE your work!

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