Click on the attachment component/tool drag and drop it into either the row or column that you want the attachment to show on the screen.

(remember you can only drop when you the row or column turns blue and says drop component here!)

Now you have added the component/tool to enable you to add the file/attachment you will see on the right hand side of your screen a section 'component settings'

Advanced setting

If however you would like to see a different view once the attachment has been downloaded then advanced is for you.

Once you have uploaded the article you can then start changing the settings.

You have two view options in advanced setting.

View: before download and View: after download

View: before download, here you can change a number of states:

View name: keep this as before download (as this is just for your reference - a learner will never see it)

Component completion status: Here you have 3 options; not started, in progress, complete. Simply select what state you want the attachment component to show when the student views before download

Disabled: If this is selected then attachment component greys out on your screen, so I would recommend to keep this box unticked.

Show file icon: This is set at ticked, however if you don't want to show the file icon simply untick and and it disappears



Show file info: to show file info you can select if you want the student to see the file size and this works the same way as the file icon.



You then have another sections called Actions.

In each section you have a few different options to decide how/what to do to make the attachment interactive.

When the learner does: you have a selection actions that you can set

This happens: This is linked to 'when the learner does' here you can select what happens next when the learner clicks for example, below are a few of the options:

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