What is an video component and how do I use it?

A video component allows you to add video's to your course.

As well as adding mp4's you are able to add links to video's from YouTube or Vimeo to do this follow the steps below.

As we have done with the other components, make sure that you have your column and row framework set up on the page to start with, then simply click on the video component/tool drag and drop it into either the row or column that you want the attachment to show on the screen.

(remember you can only drop when you the row or column turns blue and says drop component here!)

Click on select video and your resource manager will now open.

create asset: click on the drop down and select from link

asset name: name your link (only you will see this)

asset link: paste in your link

Once selected your video will now show on your screen.

Watch the example below to see it in action:

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