What are completion options?

Completion options enable you to disable or hide a component until a learner has interacted with another component.

What is the difference between completion options and completion status?

Completion Options can be found towards the bottom of your component settings and looks like this:

This works like visibility options in that is allows you to disable the component until the learner completes another component. The different between visibility options and completion options here are that with visibility options the component can be made completely invisible, whereas the completion options just disable the component, so that learner can still see it but just not interact with it until they have completed the other component.

Component Completion Status is how you determine at what stage a component is marked as 'complete'. They can be found within an advanced component view and look like this:

This is where you can configure each component view as not started, in progress, or complete, according to how you want the learner to interact with the component.

For more information about Visibility Options, take a look at this article:

Component Settings: Visibility Options

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