The attachment component/tool is used to attach/upload downloadable files for your students to use.

How do I add an attachment to my screen?

Click on the attachment component/tool drag and drop it into either the row or column that you want the attachment to show on the screen.

(remember you can only drop when you the row or column turns blue and says drop component here!)

Now you have added the component/tool to enable you to add the file/attachment you will see on the right hand side of your screen a section 'component settings'

There are two settings available: Simple and Advanced.

Whichever setting you chose how to load the attachment is exactly the same!

Click on the select file (which looks like a folder!)

This will then take you to the resource manager where all your images, video's and files are stored.

Select the file you want to load and then hit the green select button (you will have saved these to your relevant component file).

Your file is now loaded onto your screen! You are also able to amend the text

'click to enter attachment description'. To do this double click on the text and start typing over it.

If you want to test that the file downloads then change your view from 'editor' to 'learner'

As mentioned earlier, there are two settings that we can select 'simple' or 'advanced'

Simple setting

If you want the article to download and that's it then this is the setting to use, we've made it easy for you and set all the settings (so you don't have to worry!)

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