What are Visibility Options?

Visibility Options give you the opportunity to hide a component until another component is completed by the learner. You can find visibility options in your 'component settings' here:

Why are Visibility Options Useful?

Visibility options mean you are able to stop a learner clicking through the course without actually completing the activities you have made. Visibility options help you make components, such as buttons (or anything else!) stay invisible until the learner has interacted with a certain component.

You could also use Visibility options to make help tips appear to learners who are struggling, e.g. if they have clicked on several wrong answers.

How do I use Visibility Options? 

Let's say you want to make sure the 'next' button only appears to learners once they have downloaded an attachment. To do this, you would...

  1. Highlight the 'next' button and click on the yellow cog to go to component settings.

  2. To set the visibility options, click on the drop down arrow next to 'none' and choose the attachment component: (Tip: you can change the names of components in their settings)

3. Go to the attachment component settings...

If the attachment component is simple - find the tick box underneath 'completion settings' which says "attachment must be downloaded before learner can progress:" and tick it. 

If the attachment component is advanced - expand 'view: before download" and change the component completion status to 'not started', then go to 'view: after download' and change the component completion status to 'complete' Like this:

4. Test your new interaction in learner view

Can I make any component invisible?

Yes, you can set visibility options in any component. Just make sure you set the corresponding component completion status. Some components vary in their set up of completion status, but look for either a tick-box (simple) or 'completion status' (advanced) within the views.

For more information about completion options take a look at this article:

Component Settings: Completion Options

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