Releasing and exporting your project

Introduction to Releases

In thirst we refer to releasing a project rather than exporting it, because you might want to export that project many times with slightly different variations. Thirst tracks these releases so you can see exactly when you or another team member last exported it and what version this was.

How to make a release

When you are happy with your project and want to put it into your learning management system you can export it as a SCORM file.

Firstly, open the project you would like to export. Next, under the current project tab you will see the option releases at the bottom:

By selecting releases this will take you through to your releases history. If this is the first time you are creating a release then there will not be any tracked history here:

If however this is a project which has been exported in the past, you will be able to see exactly when, who and how this was done. Very handy if you want to know if someone else has updated and used the project recently.

In order to create a release, simply click the green button create a new release:

Which will take you through to your release options:

Here you are able to add a description and notes to the project, as well as edit the title you would like to show up in your LMS.

You can also select which version of SCORM file you would like to export to, simply by selecting one of the options from the dropdown:

Once you are happy, click create release. You will be notified of your release status at the top of your page, while you are taken back to your release audit page:

You should now see your release on the list, complete with an option to download it.

Simply click on the download button and your project will download as a zip file ready for you to add to your LMS.

Now you can release your course into the wild!

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