Using the Accordion Template

The accordion screen template is made up of ‘expandable section’ components, just added to the screen already and pre-configured to save you time. The accordion template is great for glossaries, or even memory games, because as the learner clicks on one bar to open more details, any other bars open automatically close.

Adding your content

Adding text to your accordion bars is easy – simply click and begin typing. Once you are happy with the text you’ve entered in the closed bars, you’ll want to start adding text to your currently hidden expanded sections. To get to this section, find the state drop down bar in the right-hand toolbar and toggle it to ‘expanded’. This will make the info box visible, and ready to edit.

Repeat this for all your expandable bars until you are happy with the content, remembering to ‘save screen’ regularly.

Testing your accordion

Once you have finished, go to ‘learner view’...

... and click ‘reset screen state’ then test it out!

Each expandable section should expand when clicked, showing more info and closing any other sections which were open. Once a bar has expanded, you should also be able to click it again to close it. If this works, you’re all done!

If you are having any issues, go back to the editor and check the stages above.

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